Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Moon

This movie is directed by Chris Weitz and based upon the novel by Stephenie Meyer and it is a drama, fantasy, thriller, romance, horror, starring Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and others. The movie is a sequel to the Twilight movie and it carries on with the love story of Bella and Edward, however this story has some added drama to it as it involves werewolves and Bella's Friend Jacob and both have big roles in this sequel. Well I have to say I thought the movie was cool; I think it had a nice amount of thriller, fantasy, adventure and romance and elements of what to expect next, if you don't mind great levels of fantasy in a movie. So yeah it was quite entertaining and since Twilight is a series I know there is still a lot more to hear from Stephenie Meyer to fully understand all the characters in these pictures and I just hope in the next movie she creates from her books that it is at least as good as the first two big screen films.

Astro Boy

Astro boy is an animation, action, sci fi, family movie directed by David Bowers and stars the voices of Nicholas Cage (Dr. Tenma), Charlize Theron ('Our Friends' Narrator Voice), Samuel L. Jackson (Zog) and other big names as well. In the story which takes place in the futuristic Metro City Asto Boy is a robot created by a scientist and this Astro Boy is created to be just like this scientist's son after his son's passing. I was not too crazy about this film, I just thought the story was kind of gloomy in a way like the AI movie was and that it was a bit like watching a video game for an hour and a half, which at times seemed perhaps a tad predictable. I mean the film certainly held my attention and I would bet most kids would think it was neat as it involves a hero, but I think I have seen better animation movies out there. So to make myself a little more understandable here in one whole sentence, I think the movie was okay because the animation scenes were entertaining but I am not sure if the story will totally knock your socks off.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Christmas Carol

This version of Charles Dickens classic was directed by Robert Zemeckis and I am sure you have heard something about the story, so I will keep the plot short here. Scrooge a miser of a sort is visited by several mysterious beings that know a little more about the notion of Christmas then he does. The voices in the movie were Jim Carrey (Scrooge, Ghost of the Past, Present and Yet to Come), Gary Oldman (Tiny Tim, Marley, Bob Cratchit), Robin Wright Penn (Fan/Belle) and others. Well I definitely think that the story of A Christmas Carol is a good one and right up there with A Wonderful Life as far as Christmas movies go for me. This Christmas Carol was interesting being an animation and on that note it was also actually a family, fantasy, drama and a bit suspenseful at times; although I have to say it can sometimes be kind of hard seeing Jim Carry not in a funny role. I was kind of waiting in a way for the Scrooge character to somehow say "toss the salt shaker over your shoulder" or "alrighty then", but no this movie like the real story was suppose to be as far as I have heard, pretty much dramatic or suspenseful in away. So to wrap this up here I just want to say the movie was descent, but in my opinion not really any much better then other Christmas Carol movies made yet; and to be honest believe it or not The Muppet's Christmas Carol movie I had found the most entertaining to date and really awesome actually, as it was chocked full of being musical, suspenseful, funny and fun. Whatever the case though I hope you enjoy this new Christmas Carol if you go see it because although it was not my favorite of them it is still a legendary story that I think is worth retelling and it seemed a not to bad Christmas Carol movie to boot.
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