Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark Shadows

Directed by Tim Burton, which makes sense as this movie has his patent, trademark work written all over it but anyhow the movie was a comedy, fantasy, starring Johnny Depp (Barnabas Collins),  Michelle Pfeiffer (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard) and others. The movie is about a vampire who returns home and finds his ancestry and among them also comes across a friend that is well on the unsavory side of things! Well the good news for me is that I am pretty sure there is one word that will be able to undoubtedly sum up what you will see in this movie and give you an idea of what to expect and you won't be able to say I was way off with this review and that word is: Weird or Weirdy or even Weirdo I guess! But hey weird is not always a bad thing right, I have always said if there were not weird people there would be no normal people and vice a versa so I guess we need weird don't we now! You will probably find wondering who you actually like here as far as the main characters go because like the name implies about the movie they all are a bit on the dark or unsavory side and diamonds in the rough to say the least you know! So this movie was not to bad and I imagine the best way to know if you will like is take the most eccentric charcters of Johnny Depp in the past put some of them together and if that seems interesting go see this very far out movie! This movie was decent but so eccentric you just might want to check out the trailer first to see if it is at all up your alley! beforehand


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