Wednesday, May 16, 2012

21 Jumpstreet

This comedy, action movie, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller stars Jonah Hill (Schmidt), Channing Tatum (Jenko) and others! The story is about a group of cops that are trying to get Starsky and Hutch status and are actually sent back to high school to help bust up a drug ring! This movie was highly racy so your not going to want to bring little ones to it! However I have to say it was incredibly hilarious at times and many times really! It made me want to go back to high school and take care of some of the punks! Actually I probably have fallen out of style since then, so perhaps wouldn't do that, cause I would not know whether to one strap it or two strap it you will know what I mean once you see the movie! So yeah although the movie was highly racy, perhaps something like animal house but a bit more so racy in some ways the fact that this movie seemed to have so many LOL moments, I got to recommend it as it was hilarious often! Really freaking funny and here is the trailer, well thanks for stopping by to hear me blabber, rant again or whatever you want to call it! :) Trailer-


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