Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

National Treasure is an action and adventure movie that was directed by John Turteltaub. The movie stars Nicolas Cage (Ben Cage), Jon Voight (Patrick Gates), Ed Harris (Mitch Wilkinson and others. The movie was about treasure hunters and the treasure hunter Ben who is trying to find the truth behind Abraham Lincolns assassination by revealing the mystery in the murderer of Lincolns diary. The movie was a sequel and I have not seen the first one. The second movie was a little bit hard to follow at some points. Some points in the movie it seemed the scenes were going on a bit long but it was necessary because the plot was complicated. I thought some of the scenes in the movie were really cool more towards the end of the movie and I could probably see this movie being a universal studios theme ride. But anyhow I thought this was an adventurous movie that was fun to watch, so I guess I will have to see the first one as well.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks is a comedy and family movie directed by Tim Hill and stars Jason Lee (Dave), David Cross (Ian), Cameron Richardson (Claire) and of course the chipmunks. The movie was based on the 1980 cartoon series and it is about the three chipmunks, Alvin, Theodore and Simon, who are 3 vibrant characters embarking on a music career, which is not always easy especially for chipmunks. I guess I would say the movie is not realistic, and it is kind of cheesy to think that chipmunks could make billboard hits but who knows. It was still kind of fun to watch although I don't think I fell in love with all of the chipmunks songs. Overall I would say it was funny, cute, most kids would like it and I am glad they made the cartoon into a real movie. I guess I also learned from the point of the movie that if I find a singing animal someday I will call a record company and my doctor as well.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am Legend

I am Legend was directed by Francis Lawrence and is an action, horror, drama, fantasy, sci fi and thriller movie. The movie stars Will Smith (Robert Neville), Alice Braga (Anna), Charlie Tahan (Tahan) and others. I think that Will Smith did a good acting performance in the Legend movie. The plot of the movie is that a deadly virus leaves Earth in bad shape drastically hurting the population and leaving the surviving Will Smith to be the only one in New York City. I thought that this movie was a lot like 28 Days Later and Blade. The movie had some intense moments, it was not exactly a happy story and the plot did not seem typical for realty but for Hollywood. The movies plot made me wonder what was going to happen next and it was an adventurous story so it was pretty good. Oh and try not to see the movie in an empty theater unless you want perhaps the movie to seem a little scarier.
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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Beowulf was a action, drama, fantasy and adventure movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. It seems Robert Zemeckis is becoming a big shot of animation movies because he has made big movies like the Polar Express, Monster House and now Beowulf. Beowulf stars Ray Winestone (Beowulf), Wealthow (Robin Wright Penn), Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins), Angelina Jolie (Grendel's Mother) and others. I thought the movie had good casting especially for a movie that seemed to involve more animation of characters then real life acting of some kind. The plot of the movie is that Beowulf fights to defeat the monster Grendel and his mother who are out to create destruction of towns. I think Beowulf is a good idea for a movie, seeing that Beowulf is historically famous being an Old English heroic poem of anonymous authorship that has origins that date back to 1000 AD. Anyhow I think the movie had nice scenes of action and drama with the monsters. The movie is very much a fantasy type of movie like the Lord of the Rings because of the magical powers of some characters. I liked Beowulf's ego but I don't think that he would win a movie hero award overall. Some of the scenes were kind of strange and the movie did not seem typical for a warrior hero type of movie which I kind of liked. I have seem similar types of stories in different movies with types of characters different then the Beowulf characters. But I would say overall the movie was pretty good mostly because the story is hard to predict and because of the action and adventure depicted in the movie.
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